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Next Steps

Congratulations on your decision to follow Jesus!

We are so excited for you to begin your journey to owning your faith and living a life as a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ! The following steps will help you in your new walk and strengthen your relationship with God.

We are here to help support you on this new journey! Should you have any questions or interest in the following list below, please contact us at


Jesus called baptism our first step of obedience and outward expression of our inner commitment to God. Baptism is your public testimony to the world that you choose to be a follower of Jesus.

New Believer's Class

In our New Believers class, you will learn what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. We will help you start your journey to owning your faith and growing deeper in your new relationship with God.

Daily Bible Reading

The Bible is God’s "user manual" for life. Just as we need to continually breathe oxygen to survive, we need to regularly study the Bible to grow and thrive spiritually. 

Get Connected With Others

Becoming part of a Life Group is one of the most important things you will ever do. We aren't meant to do life alone! Life Groups are a great way to build authentic relationships, be a more integral part of the New Hope Family, and grow closer God and others. 

Start Serving

God designed you to make a difference with your life. By serving others you are serving God. No matter how big or small, an act of kindness can make a Life Changing impact. Use your talents and abilities to help Change Lives at New Hope. 

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